November 7-10 Femme Wave Fest, Calagary, AB Canada (specific day TBA)

October 15- Hot House, Seattle, WA

September 21-22- TBA, Milwaukee, WI

September 20- Frenia House, Milwaukee, WI

September 19- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

September 18- Pine Cone Castle, Minneapolis, MN

September 16- Blockhouse, Bloomington, IN

September 15- TBA, Dayton, OH

September 14, Antioch, Yellow Springs, OH

September 12- Slims, Raleigh, NC

September 11- The Milestone, Charlotte, NC

September 10- The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC

September 7- Crass Lips Records presents at True Vine Records, Baltimore, MD

September 6- Brooklyn Wildlife Summerfest, Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn, NY

September 5- Sonic Skam Productions presents at Station One Center, Lancaster, PA

June 2- Riverwest FemFest - Company Brewing outdoor stage, Milwaukee, WI

May 25- Glass Records Present: A Night of Madness, Thought/Forms Gallery, Denver, CO

April 27- Communications, Madison, WI

April 25- Quarters, Milwaukee, WI

April 19- Between Two Ferns, Kalamazoo, MI

April 15- Songbyrd, Washington, D.C. 

April 14- The Kaleidoscope, Lancaster, PA

April 13- The Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA

April 11- Babyland, Pittsburgh, PA

April 9- Gamba Forest, Brooklyn, NY

April 5- MACROCK Festival, Harrisonburg, VA


October 20- Nii Modo (S.S.Emerald going away party), Seattle, WA

October 18- Sunset, Seattle, WA

September 30-House show, Chicago, Il (email booking.kellifrancescorrado@gmail for address)

September 27- Blockhouse, Bloomington, IN

September 26- Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee, WI

September 25- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

September 24- Punk Bowling at Memory Lanes, Minneapolis MN

September 23- Gabe's, Iowa City, IA

September 22- Communication, Madison, WI

September 16- The Pharmacy, afternoon show 3pm, Philadelphia, PA

September 15- Babyland, Pittsburgh, PA

September 13- Songbyrd, Washington, DC

September 8- The Kaleidoscope, Lancaster, PA

September 7- Station One Studios, Lancaster, PA

September 6 -Twisted Branch, Charlottesville, VA

September 5 Brooklyn Wildlife Presents Summerfest, Bizarre Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

April 13- Le Merde, special acoustic set, Seattle, WA

April 11- Where The Wild Things Are? Presented by Brooklyn Wildlife at Bizarre Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

April 8- WEMF presents show at ZuZu/The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

April 7- The Mothership, Philadelphia, PA

April 5- The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plains Boston, MA

April 1- The Footlight, Queens, NY

January 20- Brooklyn Wildlife promoter Chris Carr's Birthday Party, Paperbox, Brooklyn, NY


October 12- Sunset Taven, Seattle, WA

September 23- Vera Project, Seattle, WA

September 16- Amity Teen Center, Woodbridge, CT

September 15- Feminist Fiber Art Present an evening of Art and Music, Trixie's Palace, Boston, MA

September 14- The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain Boston, MA

September 12- WEMF presents, Tavern at The End of The World, Charleston, MA

September 11- WEMF Radio, The Underbelly Show, interview/in-studio performance, Boston, MA

September 8 - Brooklyn Wildlife Summerfest, Lantern Hall, Brooklyn , NY

September 6-  Footlight, Queens, NY

August 31- Radio One Chicago WLUW 88.7 FM,In-studio Interview,Chicago, IL

August 29- Cafe Mustache, Chicago, IL

June 25- Brooklyn Wildlife Presents, after party at 8pm, Gamba Forest, Brooklyn, NY

June 25- Brooklyn Wildlife Presents, Performances & Discussion: Misogyny in entertainment, Gamba Forest,                        Brooklyn, NY  3-8pm

June 10- Georgetown Carnival, Georgetown Music Acoustic Armageddon Stage, Seattle, WA

February 9- Daswassup Gigs Presents, Victory Lounge, Seattle, WA 


December 31- Brooklyn Wildlife Present And Gamba Forrest, New Years Eve Party, Gamba Forrest, Brooklyn, NY

December 16- Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

November 5- Alternative Library, Bellingham, WA

October 6- Female:Pressure and Tom Tom Magazine Showcase/Benefit for Skate Like a GirlThe Sunset, Seattle

October 3- Interview on Yonic Boom Show, Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

September 15- The Midway Way Cafe, Jamaica Plain Boston, MA

September 14- Radio Bean, Burlington, VT

September 12- (early evening) In studio performance on Dirty Douglas Show on WUML Radio Lowell, MA

September 12- WEMF RAdio present, PA Lounge, Somerville, MA

September 13- UnchARTed Gallery, Lowell, MA

September 11- Gulu Gulu Cafe, Salem, MA

September 9- Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Fest, SECRET show RSVP only- bkwildlife@gmail.com, Brooklyn, NY

April 20- L'Escalier, Montréal QC

April 16- Brooklyn Music Video Festival presented by Brooklyn Wildlife and 95 Lens. Event sponsored by The Fader, 255 McKibbin Lofts, Brooklyn, NY

April 15- Brooklyn Wildlife presents Sir Kn8 release show, Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY

March 4- #shoutyourabortion VOLUME #2 MIXTAPE release show, put out by B.R.A.T. Records and co-presented by Daswasup Gigs, Black Lodge, Seattle, WA


December 19- Trash City and Snail Production Event, Fingers Crossed Studio, Vancouver, CA

November 15- Showdeer event, Vatlentines, Portland, OR

November 12- Twilight Gallery art opening, Seattle, WA

October 23- Female:Pressure showcase co-presented by Discwoman and Tom Tom Magazine event, Basement Bar, Brooklyn, NY

September 19- Gatas y Vatas music festival, The Vera project, Seattle, WA

August 7- Female:Pressure on Frission Radio, Session #8, 1 hour broadcast, Berlin

July 8- Highline Bar, Seattle, WA

June 30- Sushi House, Bellingham (private house show, email for directions)

June 12- Beats and Boho, Seattle, WA

April 25- KPTZ, Port Townsend, WA

April 25-  Cellar Door, Port Townsend, WA

April 18- Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle, WA

April 17 -Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA

April 11- Fingers Crossed, Vancouver, CA 

April 4- Club 66, Ashland OR 

April 2- Oppenheimer Cafe, UPS campus, Tacoma, WA


November 22- The Lair, Boise , ID

November 21- in studio performance, KRBX Radio, Boise, ID

November 9-  Music Millennium Record Store, Portland, OR

November 8-  in studio performance, KPTZ Radio, Port Townsend, WA

November 8-  Boiler Room, Port Townsend, WA

October 18- Plastic Jet Airline- interview/live webcast , WA

October 17- Josephine, Seattle, WA

October 11- The Charleston, Bremerton, WA

October 9- Kremwerk, Seattle, WA

October 4- Fierce Fest, Bellingham, WA 

October 2- Copper Owl, Victoria BC

August 19-Alternative Library,Bellingham, WA

August 9- Summit Block Party, Seattle, WA

August 7- Rendezvous, Seattle, WA

July 20-  Hollow Earth radio Seattle, WA

July 14- Guest DJ on Yonic Boom, Hollow Earth Radio Seattle, WA

June 30- Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA

June 21- Mutiny Radio performance/interview SF, CA

 June 20- Brainwash Cafe, SF, CA

 June 14- Release Show, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Seattle, WA

 May 10- Fantagraphics/Georgetown Records in-store, Peter Bagge's opening party, Seattle WA

 April 21- KBOO radio, performance/interview 2pm, Portland, OR

April 17- Hollow Earth Radio interview Seattle, WA

April 11- Alternative Library, Bellingham, WA

April 5- Teatro De La Psycholamachia, Seattle, WA

March 2- Hollow Earth Radio Magma Fest Seattle, WA